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Our new and improved “Etihad Online” banking service allows you to access and manage your bank account anytime and anywhere through our completely free internet banking, while guaranteeing a highly secured and flexible service.

“Etihad Online” includes comprehensive banking services that will save you time and effort, by giving you the chance to perform a variety of banking transactions around the clock 24/7 without the need to visit your branch.

“Etihad Online” services include:

  • Self –Registration using your Visa Electron card number and pin code
  • Money transfers to any Bank al Etihad account
  • Domestic and international money transfer requests
  • Settle/view your credit card balances and statement
  • Open a new supplementary account/s including fixed deposits
  • Settle your bills through Bill Payment portal and recharge your prepaid mobile
  • Send/attach documents and enquiries using the Secure Messaging Service 24/7

For more information, please call +(962) 6 560 0444






Allow us to offer you the following online security tips while using Etihad Online:

  1. To access the Etihad Online service, use the “Etihad Online” button on our website home page, then click “Log In”. Never follow a link received by email to access our internet banking service. 
  2. Bank al Etihad has no access to your account and no knowledge of your password once you register into the service.
  3. Your User ID and Password should only be known to you. Never reveal them to anyone, or write them anywhere, or send them via email.
  4. Bank al Etihad will never ask for your login information “User ID and Password” over the phone nor through email. The only time you will be asked for your user ID (not your password) is in case you want to reset your password through our Call Center directly.
  5. We recommend changing your password regularly.
  6. Always remember to log off every time you finish using Etihad Online.
  7. We highly recommend installing an anti-virus and anti-spam software and always updating them.
  8. If you suspect that your user ID and password are used by someone else, please call our 24/7 Call Center on +962(6) 560 0444.