Bringing Middle Eastern Food to the World

Finding the courage within and taking the risk to pursue a dream is exactly what Jumana Jacir – Founder and Managing Director of Kama Local Gourmet – decided to do. Her goal to introduce vibrant Middle Eastern flavors to the world and empower women in society gave Jumana the boost of confidence she needed to quit her job of 10 years and embark on a journey to explore food products across Jordan that reflect the diverse heritage of the Arab World. As part of her belief in food being a source of joy and one of life’s simplest pleasures, Jumana started Kama Local Gourmet in 2014, driven by a notion to gather the finest foods in the region under one brand as a first step towards going global, and stemming from a profound desire to positively impact the lives of talented women across the Arab region.

In Jumana’s own words: “I want more women to join, and I want to actively create change for women all over Jordan.” Kama Local Gourmet kicked off with only two employees and is growing steadily to one day enter the international market.

“Change happens slowly, but we have big ambitions. For me, this is just the beginning,” explains Jumana.

“Change happens slowly, but we have big ambitions. For me, this is just the beginning”
Jumana Jacir, founder of Kama Local Gourmet
Kama Local Gourmet exhibits a golden triangle that meshes Jumana’s pride in culture, passion for food and extensive design knowledge, all in a delightful package that mirrors the premium quality of the delicacies inside, further enticing customers to try the product.After launching her first collection in 2016, Jumana is now on the verge of yet another breakthrough, with the first Amman branch scheduled to open soon to serve as a treasure cove for Middle Eastern ingredients and a place that allows people to learn more about the culture and makers of these products, thus presenting a unique overall experience. A heap of passion, a spoonful of vision and a pinch of patience is Jumana’s recipe to success. Today, Jumana stops at nothing; she is constantly on the move to meet women who are eager to take control of their lives and shape their futures, going from one place to another to discover exciting new foods and flavors.Bringing together the finest Middle Easter flavors was Jumana’s idea. We just helped her get started.