Eid Al-Adha clothing drive

This Eid Al-Adha, we joined forces with Careem, Jordan Clothing Bank and Washy Wash to collect, sanitise and distribute clothes for people in need across Jordan.

Throughout the week of 19 – 23 July 2020, more than 8,500 items of clothing were collected and donated to more than 2,130 people in need across the Kingdom.

People used a free redeemable promo codes that were used on the Careem app for captains to pick up clothing packages. The clothes were then sent to Washy Wash that thoroughly cleaned, sanitised, folded and packaged them to be donated through the Jordan Clothing Bank.

Eid Al-Adha is usually a time spent celebrating with family, and with social distancing restrictions imposed to decrease large and public gatherings, many people were not able to celebrate as they always did.

With this partnership with Careem, Washy Wash and Jordan Clothing Bank, and with the heart-warming contributions from our community of employees and customers, we were able to bring joy and a sense of solidarity during these unprecedented times.

Even with COVID-19’s global effect on societies and economies, the pandemic has especially impacted people in need in Jordan. According to UNICEF, more than 1,000,000 Jordanians are living below poverty line and are in need now more than ever. With the success of this first clothing drive, we hope that this becomes a reoccurring event every Eid to expand the impact and give back.

This clothing drive initiative was driven by our focus on social responsibility and community wellbeing. We believe that the more we grow as an institution over the years, the more we should strive to give back to our community and this initiative with our partners is a stepping stone to enable our community to influence, lead and shape the future of Jordan.

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