Issue your multi-currency prepaid card for free!

23 November 2022
23 November 2022

This Black Friday, issue a multi-currency prepaid card on the app for FREE for the first year to save on foreign exchange fees while shopping online! 

The multi-currency prepaid card works just like a debit card but allows you to save on foreign exchange fees. You can perform all your foreign online transactions without any fees, so no matter what currency your account is in, your transactions will be processed through the same currency. 

What are you waiting for? If you issue your card anytime between 23/11/2022 until 28/11/2023, it’s free! 

Issuing your card:

  • You can issue the card through the app without the need to visit the branch
  • The card will have its own card number and CVV
  • You can customize the name on the card 
  • You can transfer money instantly from your account to your card and vice versa with zero fees
  • You can choose to issue your card in more than one currency at the same time

How do I save money with a multi-currency prepaid card?

Typically, whenever you use your debit or credit card to pay online in a different currency than your account’s, you’ll be charged two separate fees in addition to the cost of the service or product you’re paying for. One is a currency conversion fee, and the other is a service administrative fee. With a multi-currency prepaid card, your money is exchanged automatically without any type of extra fees. 

How do I use my multi-currency prepaid card?

After issuing the card through the app, you can instantly top-up the prepaid card with the amount and currency you need, and use the card number to pay for online transactions. 

What currencies are available?

  • Jordanian Dinar
  • US Dollar
  • Pound Sterling
  • Euro
  • Canadian dollar
  • Swedish Krona
  • Swiss Franc
  • Yen
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