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Salary Account

Transfer your salary to a Bank al Etihad salary account and enjoy a wide array of competitive features


  • Provident fund participation with a bank contribution of up to 50% the value of the savings.
  • Eight monthly cash prizes of between JOD 555 and JOD 3333.
  • Advanced loan of up to 30% of monthly salary amount.
  • Exemption of many commissions associated with account transactions and/or any other related banking service, such as inward transfer fee, outward transfer fee, check book issuance fee, and many others.
  • Exemption of loan commission (1%) for housing loans.
  • For corporates: company rebate (incentive) up to 0.5% of net salaries transferred.


  • Valid national ID or passport.
  • Salary slip, letter of employment, or employment contract.

To Apply:

*Terms & Conditions apply