Investor News

Bank al Etihad’s Board of Directors call on shareholders to collect cash dividend payment.

Payments will be made for registered holders to their bank accounts after presenting an official claim of the total dividend. 

Shareholder’s Dividend’s List

Bank al Etihad Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting 2020

The Board of Directors of Bank al Etihad has decided to hold an Extraordinary General Assembly on Thursday 20.02.2020 at 10am at its headquarters in Shmeisani, Halim Al Salfiti Theater.

Results of the 43rd Extraordinary General Assembly 20.2.2020

Bank al Etihad Announces Distribution of Cash Dividends for 2019

The annual Ordinary General Assembly Meeting took place on 25 April 2019 at our Headquarters with 90.91% attendance of shareholders. The General Assembly approved the distribution of 22,400,000 JOD with a percentage of 14% per share as cash dividends to shareholders.

42nd General Assembly Minutes of Meeting 25/04/2019

Invitation to attend the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting 30.4.2020

Bank al Etihad’s Board of Directors cordially invites you to attend the Annual Ordinary General Assembly Meeting on Thursday 30.4.2020 at 11 am to deliberate the agenda that was sent to shareholders.

44th General Assembly Minutes of Meeting 30/4/2020