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Share the blessings of Ramadan

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How can I donate?

After 2 years of virtual zoom iftars, the holy month of Ramadan is back in its full glory. We will be able to share Iftar meals with our loved ones and enjoy the liveliness and warmth of evening gatherings. And because Ramadan is not complete without thinking about others, Bank al Etihad is giving you the opportunity to share your blessings with those in need.

Throughout the month of Ramadan, and in collaboration with Careem and the Jordanian Food Bank, we will collect the Iftar meals you wish to donate from the convenience of your homes and deliver them straight to those who need it most.

  • Prepare the meal you’d like to donate and make sure its stored in sealed containers
  • Add a label with your name, a description of the meal and date of preparation
  • Download/open the Careem app
  • Choose “Box”
  • Enter your location and select "Jordanian Food Bank" as the drop off location 
  • Use the free promocode Ramadan
  • Press “Yalla” and a captain will be assigned to pick up the meal
Donation Terms:
  • Fresh and cooked foods that have not been reheated or touched with hands 
  • Food prepared the day before should have been adequately refrigerated
  • Food should be stored in sealed containers
  • A label must be placed on the containers indicating:
    • Donor's name
    • Type of food and date of preparation
  • Foods that contain the following are not accepted:
    • Fish and other types of seafood
    • Salads 

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