Why work for us?

Join our family and shape the future with us.

What started out as a family business aiming to create a movement in the world of finance, has evolved into Jordan’s most client-centric bank. We believe in the intrinsic value of human connection, and have fully adopted and embodied this belief without exceptions, allowing us to make our mark on the industry and around us. 

Human behavior is contagious, and we choose to spread the principles of humility and interconnectivity to our employees first and foremost, later reaching out to each and every customer. 

Our ever-evolving journey has taught us that we must continue to pursue all that is new and innovative, keeping our entrepreneurial and creative spirit alive. We maintain our position as lifelong learners and not only urge, but support our entire Bank al Etihad family to do the same; be daring, instigate real and lasting change, and then share all that you’ve achieved with those around you. 

We’re hiring talented, ambitious, and forward-looking individuals to help build the bank that is shaping the future. Become a part of our family, and apply now.

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