Who we are

We’re Bank al Etihad, a financial institution that’s proud to be Jordanian. Built on family values, we see every customer as one of our own, and make it our business to help wherever we can.

For us, empowerment is everything. That’s why we work with individuals, entrepreneurs, local and global businesses, and the next generation of female leaders, so they can succeed the way they want to. It will always be our goal to help people shape their future.

Our Values

Endlessly entrepreneurial
We’re courageous by nature. We didn’t get where we are today by following the herd. We relentlessly look for new business opportunities, markets, and ideas. When we recognize that spirit in others, we’re prepared to back them up.
Always learning
Championing creativity
Family values
We’re here to empower
Endlessly entrepreneurial
Always learning
Championing creativity
Family values
We’re here to empower

How we do things.

For us, our customers and communities are our family. We want to help the people and places around us prosper. Whether it’s championing the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs, supporting the arts and culture that make Jordan so unique, or investing in skills and education, we want to help people be who they want to be.
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Working with young people

We want to empower young people, and help them make the best choices for their futures. Everyone deserves a chance to do their best, regardless of background or family income.

Championing Jordan’s entrepreneurs

Jordan is full of talented people who can shape the world around us, and we want them to be the best they can be. That’s why we’ll always champion business and enterprise, from young startups to seasoned entrepreneurs.

Arts and culture

Ideas and creative expression are how we progress. It’s important for us to keep craft and artisanship in Jordan thriving, so we do all we can to support new talents and local projects.

Our Pillars

Meet our team

Management Team
Board of Directors
Nadia Al SaeedChief Executive Officer
Mohammad HatamlehCorporate Banking
Mahmoud BadwanRetail Banking
Mahmoud BadwanSmall and Medium Enterprises
Fadi MarieTreasury
Zeid KamalFinance
Feras ArabiatTechnology
Mohammad BurjakCentral Operations
Bashar AbabnehAudit
Daniel Al SharaihaHuman Resources and Customer Experience
Tarik BadawiCredit and Credit Administration
Tamer BarakatCompliance
Khaled AbdulmalekRisk
Natalie Al NaberCorporate Communications and Marketing
Basem Isam SalfitiChairman
Jabra “Raja Yaquob” GhandorVice Chairman
Tarek Isam SalfitiMember
Mughith Ghiath SukhtiannMember
Imad Mohammad Abdel-KhaleqMember
Waddah Isam Hasan Al BarkawiMember
Lana Yousef Ibrahim GhanemMember
Nadia Ahmad Abdulmuhsin AlananiMember
Social Security CorporationRepresented by Shaden Ziyad Nabih Darwish Alhaji
Libyan Arab Foreign Investment Company Represented by Ali Mahmoud Hassen Mohammed and Moussa Alhassan Atiiq Ali

Want to talk?

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In branch
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Through our app
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Phone and Email support
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