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Career Comeback Program

Career Comeback Program
Career Comeback Program

Are you ready to resume  your career journey after a voluntary break? Look no further than our Shorouq Comeback Program – your gateway to a seamless return to the professional realm, allowing you to unlock your full potential in just 6 weeks.

Tailored Training and modules

Embark on a transformative journey of growth with our thoughtfully curated training modules. Designed to equip you with both practical on-the-job skills and essential soft skills, these modules pave the way for a smooth transition back into the corporate landscape.

Guidance Every Step Of The Way

Throughout the program, you'll have the invaluable opportunity to be mentored by seasoned professionals. This mentorship ensures that you're supported as you navigate the reintegration process.

Hands-on Internship Opportunities

You’ll get to intern at Bank al Etihad or one of our partners, gaining the practical experience you need to excel in your future career. Participate in a job fair featuring numerous companies, to help you find your place and return to the job market.

Join the Shorouq Connect Network

Enrich your journey after the program by becoming a part of the Shorouq Connect network – a vibrant community of inspiring women. Through engaging networking events and various learning initiatives, this network provides a platform to exchange insights, knowledge, and experiences.


  • If you've been on at least 4 full years of a voluntary career break
  • If you possess strong communication and analytical skills
  • If you have 4 or more years of work experience
  • If you hold a university degree, or higher

Applications are now open until 31/8/2023

Our Partners:

  • PwC
  • Hikma
  • Business and Professional Women Association (BPWA)
  • Amam Ventures
  • Umniah
  • Crown Prince Foundation
  • Fine Hygienic Holding
  • Grand Hayyat Amman
  • King Hussein Cancer Foundation
  • Better Business
  • J.Walter Thompson
  • ASALI architects
  • LingoArt Center/Takallam
  • EXOS
  • Khibraty consulting
  • Al Nashmeyah Arms for Maintenance
  • Attayebat Company for Food Industries

Media Partner:

  • Ro'ya Media Group

Please note that the Shorouq comeback program is a training opportunity not a job opportunity.

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