Give your house a makeover with installments at 0% interest!

Give your house a makeover with installments at 0% interest!
1 July 2023
InstallmentCredit CardEPP

All the furniture pieces you always said would give your home a new look are now within your reach. We’re offering you the chance to shop for all your furniture needs, from some of Jordan’s top retailers, and customise your own plan to pay for them in easy installments at 0% interest and up to 36 months. 

How it works

This offer applies only to in-store purchases of furniture using any of our credit cards from the below listed vendors and according to the shown minimum/maximum amounts. All you need to do is pay using your credit card and request a plan from the sales representative in the store. 

Vendor Name Minimum and maximum amountInstallments/months
Midas200 JOD - 10000 JOD3 M - 36 M
Ashley200 JOD - 10000 JOD3 M - 36 M
IKEA100 JOD - 10000 JOD3 M - 36 M
Herbawi100 JOD - 5000 JOD3 M - 12 M
Grand Gallery 100 JOD - 50000 JOD3 M - 12 M
Fathallah Furniture500 JOD - 15000 JOD3 M - 12 M
LAVENTANA2.000 JOD - 18000 JOD3 M - 18 M
LA CHAISE300 JOD - 8000 JOD3 M - 12 M
MILLA300 JOD - 20000 JOD3 M - 24 M
FLAMANT JO100 JOD - 20000 JOD3 M - 12 M
LEO DESIGN HOUSE200 JOD - 20000 JOD3 M - 6 M
JORSAL CRYSTAL500 JOD - 10000 JOD3 M - 12 M
Verve 300 JOD - 10000 JOD3 M - 9 M
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