Upgrade to smart home devices at 0% interest!

Upgrade to smart home devices at 0% interest!
30 July 2023
InstallmentCredit CardEPP

Make your home smart at 0% interest

Experience the convenience of controlling your home and its appliances from your phone! Now, you can install smart home devices and systems from various stores at 0% interest and with easy payment plans for up to 36 months when you use Bank al Etihad credit cards.

How can you activate easy payment plans?

Use any of our credit cards for payment and request an installment plan from the store's sales representative before completing your purchase. It's that easy!

This promotion is available at the following electronics stores and is subject to the minimum and maximum amounts mentioned.

Vendor NameMinimum and maximum amountInstallments/months (From-to)
DNA100 JOD - 10000 JOD3 M - 12 M 
Xiaomi100 JOD - 5000 JOD3 M - 36 M 
Izzat Marji200 JOD - 10000 JOD3 M - 12 M 
Hub Automation100 JOD - 10000 JOD3 M - 12 M 
AUX Air Condition 300 JOD – 10000 JOD3 M - 18 M 
Leaders200 JOD - 10000 JOD3 M - 12 M 

Earn Cashback on all your purchases when you pay with any of your bank al Etihad cards
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To know more about the easy payment plan, click here.

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