Bank al Etihad SME Awards

Bank al Etihad SME Awards
Bank al Etihad SME Awards

SMEs are the driving force behind our economy. Our goal is to support them in every way we can. That's why we have this award that we give out every year — to honour outstanding companies, celebrate their accomplishments, and reward innovative entrepreneurs with cash prizes. It's our way of recognising them for creating job opportunities, helping the economy grow, and positively impacting their surrounding communities.

About the Award

When applications are open, a panel of bank representatives will select finalists from the pool of applicants. Each finalist will have the opportunity to deliver a presentation about their business to an independent jury of Jordanian business and community leaders. This jury will evaluate each candidate based on specific criteria. The winning company will be publicly announced during an awards ceremony.

How to Apply

Stay tuned to find out when the application cycle will open!

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