Point of Sale

Point of Sale
Point of Sale
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Take your business to the next level with Bank al Etihad's point of sale machine

We’re excited to introduce our new Point of Sale (POS) machine! Designed to increase your business's efficiency and meet customers' needs through the latest technological solutions, with many benefits available to you and them.

What you get:

Competitive rates

Enjoy competitive fees on transactions made with Bank al Etihad cards.

Eligibility for our new POS lending offers

We will provide you with a range of lending solutions once you install Bank al Etihad's new POS machine. These include overdraft plus, pre-approved credit cards, and other lending solutions tailored to your business's needs.

Settled transactions within 24 hours

Say goodbye to late payments. With our POS machine, payment amounts will be deposited to your account the next day.

All your transactions are in one place

Receive, keep track of, and settle payments in one secure place with our POS machine, and monitor your transactions with access to our online Business Banking platform, Etihad for Business.

A seamless payment experience

Customers who hold Bank al Etihad cards will benefit from your store's discounts, offers, and easy payment plans through the POS machine.

Maintain and update your POS machine for free

Our team will set up, maintain, and update your machine for free so you can focus on your business.

Round-the-clock support from our contact centre

We're always here to help you with whatever you need.

Ready to install Bank al Etihad's new POS machine?

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