Every woman, regardless of her role in life, has accomplished something; some sort of achievement that may not be apparent or acknowledged by those around her. For this reason, we decided to extend our support to ‘TEDxArarStreetWomen’ - the first TEDx conference in Jordan to focus on empowering females - bringing forth a platform that amplified the hidden potential of participating ladies and motivated attending guests.

18 unique, compelling experiences and ideas were presented during the event, each of which transformed the stage into a portal that carried the audience on an enticing journey of perseverance and hope, instilling in them the notion that change for the better truly comes from within.

Not only were the guests mere observers, but also active participants, enjoying the window of opportunity they were given to express their ideas and dreams through the ‘I CAN and WILL’ board, which we hung up to allow them to visualize their goals and aspirations, and manifest them into reality. What’s more, we created a marketplace where we offered our network of female entrepreneurs the chance to engage with a community of inspirational women, and opened the door for them to promote their unique products.

Ambitious women need to be supported on their paths to exploring and uncovering their potential, and by providing the suitable solutions and opportunities, we are paving the way towards innovation and empowering them to shape their futures in order to achieve the professional success they desire.

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