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Career Guidance in Celebration of International Youth Day

Career Guidance in Celebration of International Youth Day
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This year, we decided to celebrate International Youth Day through sharing some of our areas of expertise with a group of young thought leaders from our community through online career guidance sessions.

International Youth Day is held on August 12th of every year, for this year, we joined forces with Nahno, a national online platform for youth engagement, and organized 3 virtual sessions via Zoom for a group of 50 registered youth members between the ages of 21-24 years old that offered them insights, tips and practical advice on managing essential skills they’ll tackle when kick starting their career. The sessions were led by seasoned professionals in their respective areas from the Bank al Etihad team.

Bank al Etihad’s Chief of Human Resources and Customer Experience, Daniel Sharaiha lead two sessions where he focused on best practices for writing and updating resumes. He also discussed the importance of honesty and transparency in the details provided in resumes, to maintain credibility if hired.

Attendees were also encouraged to include any trainings or volunteer work they’ve done as well as always proof reading their resumes to avoid spelling mistakes. He also stressed on the importance of maintaining a positive digital footprint; since employers tend to form an impression of candidates before meeting them by browsing through their social media profiles.

We concluded with a session that is essential to youth members in their journey towards gaining financial independence, with Grace Kishek, a senior marketing manager, on how best to manage personal finances. During the session, she shed light on the importance of tracking spending, and how crucial it is to budget, save and build an emergency fund from an early age.

Jordan has a 24% financial literacy rate which is lower than most Arab countries, according to the Central Bank of Jordan. Financial literacy is crucial because it helps consumers in reaching their financial goals, whether that includes saving for retirement or knowing where and how to invest their money.

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