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CSR Report

Volunteering is embedded in our corporate culture and our CSR program & sustainable development initiatives will always be a priority to us. We’ll leave you with our most important achievements for 2019 and you can view the full report here.

CSR Report
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Sustainable development is a core part of our culture and internal environment, our customers and our community are our family. We want to help our community prosper whether it’s through championing the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs, supporting the arts and culture that make Jordan so unique, or investing in skills and education to help people be who they want to be.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program at Bank al Etihad aims to positively impact Jordan’s community to which we belong. We researched best practices both locally and globally and identified our opportunities and challenges and our most notable achievements.

We encouraged our employees and stakeholders to join the conversation; they helped us identity new pillars that are in line with our community and customers. This gave life to our new CSR program which focuses on six main pillars: Access to Knowledge, Financial Inclusion & Economic Empowerment, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Community Well-being and Environment.

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