Starting one’s career can be thrilling, but resuming it can be intimidating.

Nonetheless, 20 Jordanian women were eager to step out of their comfort zone and embark on a new challenging yet rewarding journey.

After three months of soft skills & practical training with specialized instructors and mentors at our various departments, we proudly celebrated the graduation of the second group of ladies from the Shorouq Career Comeback Program. Armed with new-found confidence to seize the moment and the understanding that what you want often lies beyond your fears, each of the 20 graduates received a certificate to support them on their paths to rebooting their professional lives. To kick-start their job hunts, we also organized a career day to bring them together with a number of renowned companies for an opportunity to network and engage firsthand with business owners.

To us, ‘You Can’ is not just a slogan; it is the firm conviction that any determined woman can attain the goals she sets her mind to by lending fresh energy to her dreams rather than her doubts. Quoting the graduates, the second edition of the Shorouq Career Comeback Program has ‘changed the lives’ of many and ‘boosted the confidence’ of others, giving women ‘hope’ and inspiring them to believe that ‘there is always time for realizing dreams’.

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