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Unlocking markets with Bank al Etihad

A program designed to enable women-led businesses to unlock new markets
Unlocking markets with Bank al Etihad
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Unlocking the potential power of women-led businesses can have a dramatic effect on economies in general and on Jordan’s economy in particular. This is why Bank al Etihad wants to help women-led businesses overcome obstacles for real business success.

We’re launching a two-month export readiness program, Unlocking markets with Bank al Etihad, in partnership with Endeavor to enable international expansion for women-led businesses by introducing a select number of companies to new markets.

What we offer:
  • Curating info sessions on understanding the doing business environment in the target market(s).
  • Navigating regulatory considerations by setting up meetings with local experts
  • Facilitating partnership opportunities
  • Matchmaking with local startups and enterprises to explore synergistic opportunities
  • Leadership
    • At least one female founder with decision making power
    • Female has at least 50% ownership and has decision making power
    • Female has at least 20% ownership while being the main signatory authority
  • Size
    • Medium sized businesses, with at least $100k in annual turnover
  • Industry agnostic
  • Product
    • High potential of growth in other markets
    • Export readiness
    • Strong local validation and/or already in at least one export market

Application deadline 30/4/2021

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