We took volunteering online this Ramadan

This Ramadan, we partnered with Naua and the UN Volunteers Program to provide volunteering opportunities for our employees online.

This Ramadan, as a result of the ongoing restrictions due to COVID-19, we partnered with the Jordanian volunteering platform, Naua, and the United Nations Volunteers Program to provide volunteering opportunities for our employees online.

More than 277 children and adults virtually joined 25 workshops covering topics such as arts and crafts, storytelling, CV writing, time management, entrepreneurship, sustainability and recycling.

Sessions for young adults between the ages of 18-29 years old focused on writing and updating resumes, preparing for job interviews, and transforming a skill into a business that were hosted by our own HR experts. There were also sessions on financial literacy, which focused on spending, saving, budgeting and planning for a future with financial stability.

With more than 63% of the population in Jordan below the age of 30 years old, unemployment rates are increasing, due to a mismatch between the skills needed by the private sector and the skills of youth, according to UNICEF. Bridging this gap with such initiatives will help the next generation to join and excel in the workforce.

We believe in finding a positive opportunity in any challenge. As Ramadan coincided with the global COVID-19 pandemic and a nation-wide lockdown, our collaboration with Naua and the United Nations Volunteers Program brought together people with unique expertise to enable others with practical knowledge and skills.

With volunteering embedded in our DNA, we’re always looking to expand our knowledge and use new technologies to evolve and grow, and we’re just as passionate about sharing what we learn with the people and communities around us.

Through this virtual volunteering initiative, we discovered a new way to give back to our community from afar. Now more than ever, we feel more connected as we were able to socialize and share our valuable skills and hobbies with youth and children.

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