Outstanding Contributor’ for 2018

We were both excited and honored to host the first-ever Global Banking Alliance for Women (GBA) Summit in the Middle East, where more than 200 industry stakeholders came together at the Dead Sea to work towards one common goal; accelerating female financial inclusion. Throughout the three-day event, participants addressed a diverse array of stimulating topics under the theme of ‘The Future of Financial Services for Women’ – including women’s lifecycle needs, the legal and regulatory barriers to women’s economic involvement and the platforms to massify support to women via non-financial services.

Many invaluable insights, ideas, knowledge and best practices from around the world were shared, including our very own success story; the Shorouq program, which we introduced in 2014. This first-of-its-kind program in the Kingdom was launched as a banking platform specially designed to offer women across Jordan access to financial and non-financial services, so they may achieve the financial independence and security, as well as business goals they aspire towards.

Four years on, in acknowledgment of our commitment to highlighting the crucial economic role of women and to pushing for gender equality and ensuring financial inclusion, we received a Women’s Market Champion Award under the category of ‘Outstanding Contributor’ during the GBA Summit, further inspiring us to continue to help people shape their future.

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