Put on your headphones and get ready to learn about different financial and banking topics.

Mali wa Maluk podcast

An Arabic podcast, with real-life scenarios about money management and different banking solutions and how to benefit from them at different life moments.

Episode 1: What is a bank?

In this episode, we answer questions such as what money is, how banks emerged, and what types of accounts exist, and some basics of money management.

Episode 2: How do I manage my allowance?

In this episode, you will learn how to set a budget, track expenses and savings from an early age, and understand the importance of a savings account and an emergency fund.

Episode 3: Isn't it time for a car?

This episode covers everything you need to know about car loans, including their requirements, what a salary account has to do with them, and how to choose the right car loan.

Episode 4: We present to you our credit cards

How do you manage your salary as your responsibilities change? How do you deal with debt? What are credit cards, and how do they work? We tell you in this episode.

Episode 5: Mortgage loan - when's the right time to buy a home?

What is a mortgage loan, and how do you assess your financial situation to determine when to buy a home? Find out in this episode.

Episode 6: Investing - how do I start?

This episode will explore some types of investments and explain how to select the most appropriate type based on factors such as your financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment objectives.

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