Tharaa Savings Account

Tharaa Savings Account
Tharaa Savings Account

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year, our saving prizes are back! It’s all about the nines this year, and saving money just got even better. The more you save the higher your chances of winning.

The prizes:
  • 9,999 JOD for 1 winner everyday
  • 999 JOD for 5 winners every week (Dedicated for branches in governorates)
  • 99,999 JOD for 2 winners every 90 days (June, September & December)
Minimum balances:
  • Daily Prize: 200 JOD
  • Weekly governorates’ prize: 200 JOD
  • Grand prizes: 500 JOD
Eligible Accounts:
  • Tharaa savings account
  • Shorouq savings account
  • IBNY savings account
  • Champion savings account
Terms & Conditions
  • Minimum age requirement, 18 years’ old
  • You can open a Tharaa’ savings account for minors under the age of 18 using the signature of a legal guardian
  • You are eligible to enter the draw on prizes upon opening your account

Don’t have an account yet?

Open a Tharaa savings account now through our app without visiting the branch and enter the draw instantly!

Managing my account:

Take control of your finances and manage your Tharaa’ account by using the Bank al Etihad mobile banking app, where you can settle monthly payments, bills, freeze your cards, analyze and categorize your spending. You can also enable your card for online purchases and set daily spending limits.

It is important to understand the ins and outs of your Tharaa’ account so, please make sure you read the Terms & Conditions before you apply or get in touch to know more.

To apply, you’ll need:
To apply, you’ll need:A valid national ID or passport for Jordanians
To apply, you’ll need:A valid residency permit for non-Jordanians 
To apply, you’ll need:Birth certificate, or ID for minors
To apply, you’ll need:If you are renting a home, you will need to provide a lease contract
To apply, you’ll need:One of your recent utility bills - electricity, water, etc.
To apply, you’ll need:If the utility bill provided is not in your name, you will need to provide proof of relation such as a civil family book
To apply, you’ll need:If are unable to provide a utility bill, you can provide a bill from your internet service provider which clearly states your address
To apply, you’ll need:An official letter from your employer stating your monthly income, hiring date and current employment status.
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