Travel tips

Travel tips

Planning your trip?

If you’re thinking or planning on traveling soon, we want to share with you a few tips to make sure it’s a smooth and safe experience, allowing you to fully focus on having fun and making the most o f your time.

Avoid swiping your card on POS machines abroad

Yes, you still can (in the United States), but we don’t recommend it. Swiping your card on POS machines abroad is more likely to leave you vulnerable against fraud, which is why it’s been banned in the MENA region. However, if you are in the United States and can’t avoid swiping on a POS machine, please note that you’ll have to manually enable or disable the magnetic strip on your debit card through the mobile app and or will have to call any of our Contact Centre representatives to enable or disable the magnetic strip on your credit card.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

Wherever your destination, we recommend that you use their currency to make purchases. This will save plenty on extra currency exchange fees.

Stay in touch

From wherever you are, we’ll be accessible 24/7 for a live chat through your mobile application. Whether you have an urgent question or just want to tell us about a great restaurant you discovered, we’re always there to talk.

Book your flight and accommodation using our prepaid multi-currency card

Booking your flight is smoother when you use your Bank al Etihad prepaid multicurrency card, allowing you to avoid extra exchange charges. That means you’ll get to save money and spend it on exploring your destination instead. Maybe even get a nice souvenir to bring back?

Get travel insurance

This is the one service we recommend everyone get, but hope they never use. Still, nothing beats the comfort of traveling to a foreign place while knowing that you’re fully covered if you face any surprises on the way. The best part? You can purchase your travel insurance directly through your Bank al Etihad mobile application for you and everyone else traveling with you. It is that easy.

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