Debit Card

Debit Card
Debit Card
The card for your everyday.

Make payments at any time, everywhere.

You’ll receive:
  • A convenient alternative to cash; use your debit card in store with extra security if you’re a frequent shopper!
  • Access your cash at our ATMs, make your daily cash withdrawals, deposits, change your PIN, and more
  • Pay your bills, control spending limits, and freeze your card in the app if lost or stolen
  • Collect and redeem points with every transaction you make with our Etihad Ultimate Rewards
  • Shop securely online, over the phone, or by mail order

*Subject to terms & conditions

Unparalleled card control
Unparalleled card controlSeamless 3D secure push notification
Unparalleled card controlSpending analytics
Unparalleled card controlLocation based security
Unparalleled card controlFreeze your card from 
the mobile app
Unparalleled card controlInstant push notifications
Unparalleled card controlSet spending limits
Unparalleled card controlContactless payments
Unparalleled card controlSet travel mode
Unparalleled card controlEnable and disable cash withdrawals
Unparalleled card controlOnline transactions
Unparalleled card controlReport card missing and order replacement in app
Personalise your security settings
Personalise your security settings Magnetic on/off
Personalise your security settings Set cash withdrawal limits
Personalise your security settings Set daily and monthly spending limits
Personalise your security settings Set location limits
Personalise your security settings Contactless on/off
Personalise your security settings Set travel mode
What you need to apply
What you need to applyA valid national ID, passport, a valid residency permit, your birth certificate, or ID for minors.
What you need to applyA recent utility bill – electricity, water, etc
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