Multi-currency prepaid card

Multi-currency prepaid card
Multi-currency prepaid card
Pay like a local when shopping online

Load our multi-currency prepaid card with whatever currency you want and save on foreign exchange fees when making online purchases. 

Available currencies:
  • Jordanian Dinar
  • US Dollar
  • Pound Sterling
  • Euro
  • Canadian dollar
  • Swedish Krona
  • Swiss Franc
  • Yen
Effortless cashback

Every time you spend with your card, you earn cashback. Simple as that!
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How to issue a multi-currency prepaid card

You can do so through our app, where you’ll also have the choice to issue your card in more than one currency. Then, top up the card by transferring money from your account to the card. 

Additional fees:
  • 9.99 JOD annually
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