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Credit Card Security Tips

Credit Card Security Tips
Credit Card Security Tips

Your safety is ours. 

Protect yourself when banking with us; here are a few tips:

  • Keep your card safe with you at all times
  • Remember to get your card back after using it 
  • If your card is lost or stolen, don’t worry; we’ll give you the full control to freeze or unfreeze it through our app, or get in touch with us at + (962) 6 560 0444
  • We’ll send you SMS alerts for any transactions you make. If you suspect a fraudulent or unauthorized transaction, take a screenshot of the message and get in contact with us immediately
  • Review your transaction history carefully and report any unauthorized transactions or inaccurate amounts 

When using the ATM:

  • Make sure you get your card back before walking away from the ATM, some machines may dispense cash before card is ejected 
  • Keep your eyes open to your surroundings especially at night to avoid robbery
  • Avoid counting your money as soon as you withdraw it from an ATM; wait until you are at a safer location. If the amount of cash withdrawn is inaccurate, report the incident to us or to the bank you withdrew the money from
  • Avoid the ATM if you suspect something is wrong. For example, if the keypad is atypical or unusual devices such as radio transmitters are attached to the ATM. These could be 'skimming devices' designed to steal your PIN or record your card data and transmit them wirelessly

When using Point of Sale (POS):

  • Keep a close eye on your card when handing it to the merchant 
  • Never give your PIN to a merchant to enter it on your behalf. Enter the PIN yourself while covering the view of the keypad from others
  • If possible, avoid POS with ‘magnetic stripe only’ machines (where the card is swiped rather than pushed into a slot)
  • Avoid the outdated, manual zip-zap machines that may still be used in some countries
  • Always verify the amount entered by the merchant at a POS before entering your PIN to allow the transaction
  • Make sure to check the SMS sent to you after the transaction is complete or review your transaction history on our app to confirm that you were charged the correct amount

When using your card online:

  • Avoid untrustworthy websites
  • Beware of phishing sites posing as a company or bank. Check with your internet service provider for details on how to enable anti-phishing software on your browser
  • Know how to use your Card Verification Value (CVV), a 3-digit number found on the back of your card  
  • Use websites that provide Verified by Visa service whenever possible 
  • Use a suitable username and a strong password for all accounts that require you to preregister and store your card information, such as Apple ID, Amazon, etc. A weak password can be guessed, which may give others access to your card information

When handling your PIN: 

  • Don’t share your PIN with anyone and keep it private at all times. We’ll never ask you to send us your PIN via email, SMS, or even in person 
  • Memorize your PIN and never write it on your card or place it in your wallet
  • Shield the keypad from view whenever you enter your PIN in public
  • If you believe someone has stolen your PIN, freeze your card instantly using our mobile app or get in contact with us immediately
  • The only time you will be asked to provide your PIN is at an ATM, POS, or online for self registration on our app or online banking

When using your card abroad:

  • Notify us of your planned travel dates in advance by contacting our contact center at + (962) 6 560 0444. This allows us to identify false alarm fraud traps that may mistakenly flag your card activity over multiple time zones as suspicious 
  • You can always contact our contact center from abroad if your transaction is declined, your card is captured by an ATM, or if you’d like to report a stolen card
  • You’ll also have full control to enable your card’s magnetic stripe, manage your card limit, freeze or unfreeze your card, and more through our app during your travels
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