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Say hello to cash rewards 

Say hello to cash rewards 
Say hello to cash rewards 
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Start earning cashback today!

Earn cashback every time you make a purchase (in-store & online) using any Bank al Etihad card.

Introducing the Cashback Vault

Your cashback amount is saved up after every transaction in your cashback vault.
The vault is automatically created on the app, and you can transfer the amounts collected from your vault to your account at any time.

Higher rank = greater cashback percentage

RankCashback rewards
Rank 1All Cards: 3%
Rank 2Credit card: 2%
Other cards: 1.5%
Rank 3Credit card: 1%
Other cards: 0.50%
Rank 4Credit card: 0.50%
Other cards: 0.25%

Moving up the Ranks

Everything from transferring your salary to using your cards, and having a saving account and funding it will help you move up the ranks.
You can learn all about your Rank, what is determining it and how close you are to moving up the Ranks any time from the in-app rewards page.

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Term and Conditions:

  • Bank al Etihad has the right to end or amend the Etihad Rewards program and the terms and conditions at any time and without any previous notice
  • For the avoidance of doubt, the Etihad Ultimate Rewards program is a program provided by Bank al Etihad as an extra privilege, customers shall not have the right to claim any rights against the bank in the event of any issue regarding the program or any benefits from the program
  • All customers whether retail or digitally on boarded customers are part of Etihad Rewards Program.
  • Joint accounts will be treated like one individual account, in the event the joint account was closed and/or the death of one of the parties and/or seizing the account from any party, the general terms and conditions for the joint accounts shall apply in this regard and according to the situation of the benefits provided under the Etihad Rewards program
  • Customers can see their rank and cashback earnings on Bank al Etihad’s mobile banking application
  • Customer’s Rank is automatically calculated based on customers financial engagements with the bank in the past 30 days 
  • In the event a Customer fails to commit to any loan and/or payment due to Bank al Etihad, Customer shall not be able to move up the Ranks for engaging with the bank, in addition to not receiving any cashback from the program until payment is resolved
  • Customers collect cashback on in-store and online purchases only (excluding payments to taxes, customs, governmental services and all that falls under them from national and/or international services, as well as in-app purchases, such as bill payments..etc) and the bank has the right to exclude any of the merchants from the cashback as the bank deems appropriate
  • Cashbacks will be transferred to an in-app cashback vault that accumulates all earned cashback balances noting that the maximum cashback the customer can collect is (200) Jordanian dinars only every month, regardless of the value of the transactions that has been made
  • All Bank al Etihad cards are included in the cashback rewards, except for the Prepaid Physical Cards
  • Cashback percentage will be calculated and granted to the customers based on the customer’s rank on the date of arrival and entry of the transactions to the bank, and not on the date the transaction was made on knowing that this may take several days or more than a week depending on the time of the transaction, especially during holidays
  • The customer knows that cashback is granted on personal purchases, so if the Customer makes any commercial transactions from his personal account to take advantage of the rewards program and get cashback, the Bank will stop the rewards program for the Customer and reverse the value of cashback provided as well as take any appropriate action against the Customer according to Bank policy.
  • Bank al Etihad has the right to stop any Customer from the rewards program at any time, temporary or permanently, if the Bank suspects that the Customer is misusing or abusing the program and the benefits given, as well as deducting any cashback amount given from any suspicious transactions made by the Customer, as well as take any appropriate action against the Customer according to Bank policy.
  • The Customer acknowledges that the value ​​of the cashback amounts is not considered part of the Customer’s bank account and may not be used as cash unless the Customer transfers them from the cashback vault to the Customer bank account
  • Dormant accounts can still redeem the amount in their cashback vault after they activate their accounts
  • To be able to close their bank accounts, customers need to empty their cashback vault
  • In the event of customer’s death, the customer will instantly be removed from the program and the cashback amount will immediately be transferred to the customers account
  • If a transaction was reversed, the cashback given will be reversed
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