Etihad Ultimate Rewards

Etihad Ultimate Rewards
Etihad Ultimate Rewards
Etihad Ultimate Rewards has changed. For the better, of course!

Say hello to cash rewards!

From now on, you will be rewarded with instant cashback every time you make a purchase using any of your Bank al Etihad cards!

Update our mobile banking application to start enjoying cashback rewards.

Your cashback amount is saved up after every transaction in your in-app cashback vault and you can transfer it to your account at any time!

Climb your way up the Ranks!

Everything from transferring your salary to using your cards, and having a saving account and funding it will help you move up the ranks.

Higher rank = Higher cashback rewards! 

Why is the new program more rewarding? 
  • Cashback on all your POS and e-commerce transactions using any of our cards
  • The more you shop using any of our cards, the higher the cashback you earn
  • Cash rewards straight to your in-app vault instead of collecting and redeeming points through a webpage
  • No expiration date for your cash rewards instead of points that expire after 24 months
  • Free to spend your cash rewards as you wish! Instead of being limited to specific shops
  • Customers are automatically signed up and have already started earning cash rewards

For more details about how the new program is working, click here

What happens to the points you already collected from the old Etihad Ultimate Rewards?

They will be transferred to your new in-app cashback vault on the application at 100% of their value!

Start using the new program: 

1. Sign in to your account on Bank al Etihad mobile app
2. Press the “More” button on the bottom right corner
3. Choose “Rewards” from the list to access your vault and cash rewards

For the guide on how to use this feature on the app, click here.