Career Comeback program

Career Comeback program
Career Comeback program

Resume your professional journey after a voluntary career break through our Shorouq comeback program. The program will enable you to bridge learning gaps to seamlessly reintegrate into the corporate world and harness your true potential. 

Training and modules

Attend modules designed to give you on-the-job training and soft skills so you can transition back into the corporate world. 

Meet your buddy

Get mentored throughout the course of the program. 

Shorouq connect

You’ll become a part of a network of inspiring women who share their knowledge and experience through networking events and other learning programs. 

Intern with our partners

Throughout the program this year, you’ll have the opportunity to intern and train either with us or with our partners including:

  • If you’ve been on at least 4 full years of a voluntary career break
  • If you possess strong communication and analytical skills
  • If you have 4 or more years of work experience
  • If you hold a university degree, or higher

Applications are now open until 27/8/2022.

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