ACH Transfer

ACH Transfer
ACH Transfer
Make automatic monthly transfers with ACH Direct Debit 

You can now set up automatic monthly transfers with ACH Direct Debit to easily transfer and receive money from or to your account every month. Visit your branch to fill out the ACH Form and sign it or click here to download and fill it out then drop it off to your nearest branch, and we will handle all your transfer procedures. 

Benefits of ACH Debit Card:
  • Simple and automatic transfers
  • An alternative to traditional paper checks and cash payments
  • Faster than a paper check 
  • Convenient and safe
  • It is irrevocable, meaning that the payer cannot stop transfers without the consent of the beneficiary
How to set up automatic monthly transfers:
  1. Print the form and read the terms and conditions. 
  2. Sign the form approved by the bank. 
  3. The beneficiary customer visits their bank and delivers the authorization to register our client’s account. 
  4. The beneficiary bank sends the authorization to the ACH system to the paying customer’s bank.
  5. The paying customer’s bank verifies the validity of the customer’s signature for authenticity. 
  6. After verifying the authenticity, the ACH procedure is installed on the system to set up the monthly transfer process.  

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