Transfer Safety Tips

Transfer Safety Tips

Verify payment details

When you get payment details for a new account or see any changes or red flags in payment information, make sure to double-check them directly with the payee.This is crucial, especially if it's a new payee, a different bank, or an unexpected country! 

Make sure to use a different way to communicate with the payee than how they contacted you. For example, if they reached by email, call the payee instead.

Be careful about urgent requests

Fraudsters often create a sense of urgency to manipulate victims. If you receive a transfer request that’s unexpected or urgent, take a moment to evaluate the situation before proceeding. 

Stay informed on scams

Keep up to date with the latest tactics fraudsters are using and learn how to protect yourself from potential threats. 

Explore our blog articles for more insights and tips on safeguarding your finances.

Act quickly if fraud is suspected

If you suspect you’re a victim of transfer fraud, take immediate action. Contact us on + (962) 6 560 0444 right away so we can notify the financial institution to which the transfer was sent. 

We will inform them of the suspected fraud and request a halt to further transfers. 

In some cases, fraudulently transferred money can be recovered if quick action is taken.

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