Discover new features in app update 3.22

Discover new and improved features in app update 3.22 We are listening to your feedback and are constantly improving our app to give you a better experience and more control of your money.
Split your bills!
Split your bills!

Tired of stepping in and offering to pay the bill every time you go out with friends and family?

Been promised a payback and never got your money?

Looking for easy and more convenient ways to pitch in to buy a gift for a resigning work colleague or a newly- Wed relative?

Today, Bank Al Etihad offers you a new service to split expenses between your contacts using your phone.

Now You would be able to collect your payments through your Bank Al Etihad account in no time and zero effort.

Simple steps and fast completion

1. Swipe up from the home screen
Keep dragging until you see a list of the recent transactions you made.

2. Tap on the Transaction you want to share.
You will be directly transferred to the Transaction screen which has a multiple option menu.

3. Tap on the Split bill button from the menu.
The list includes several options enabling you to manage your transactions.

4. Select the account on which you wish to receive the payment.
Upon doing so, you will be directed to a screen to fill in payment details.

5. You can now share the payment request link with your contacts or through social media channels
By copying the link or resending it and then the application will distribute the payment between the contacts selected. You can amend the required value you want to request from each contact before tapping continue.

Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance

Secure your trip and Do not let Covid 19 interrupt your travel plans.

It seems that our long awaited travel plans would be finally happening, but the experience might not be quite the same. Things have changed after Coronavirus and so would our travel arrangements..

Now, and through Bank al Etihad app, you would be able to purchase your next trip’s travel insurance policy including a covid 19 health insurance.

Get your travel insurance policy now!

This feature is provided through Bank al Etihad application only and is not available at the branches.

1. Tap on More appearing on the main options bar.
You will then  see a menu with several options.

2. Choose Travel insurance from the list
You will be directed to a menu with several options for different types of insurance according to the destination you are travelling to.

3. Choose the type of travel insurance policy that suits you best then tap on Continue.
You will be forwarded to a menu that enables you to specify the duration and exact travel date.

4. Insert your travel dates and pick your travel document validity date from the list, then click continue.
On the next screen, you will find the payments account menu listing  your existing accounts with Bank al Etihad.

5. Choose the account you want to debit from the list
you will be directed  to the payment preview screen.

6. Review the details, and tap on Confirm purchase
You can find out more details about the travel document you have chosen by tapping on See Full terms and Conditions before moving on to Confirm purchase. You will then be requested to insert a 6 digit authentication code in order to confirm purchase.

7. Insert the authentication code and tap Continue.
Upon confirming your order you will instantly receive a confirmation email and a text message with the full details of your travel insurance policy.

Check your daily balance
Check your daily balance

Check your balance day by day !

Do you ever get surprised upon checking your balance and find out how it has suddenly decreased ?

This is probably because you didn’t keep track of all the transactions you have recently made. Inquiring about your finances would sometimes take time and several steps.

There must be an easier way to monitor your finances and in a more accessible manner.

Bank al Etihad application provides you with a check daily balance service enabling you to monitor the details of your balance and keep an eye on your daily expenses in just one step!


Check your balance today !


1. Swipe up from the home screen.Keep dragging until you see a list of All the recent transactions you made.

2. Tap on the Info button appearing next to the day icon.You Will then notice that the transaction history list is divided into days, where you can see the details of each transaction.

3. You will then see Account overview box filled with the details of your financial transactions/expenses along your remaining balance for the day.
The box will also have the options of Close and Share. This feature allows you to share these details with any of your contacts through multiple sharing options.

Payment Request
Payment Request

Need your money back?

Send an immediate payment request through your phone and receive your transfer in seconds!

Looking for a proper way to ask for your money back while avoiding the embarrassment of doing so in person?

Bank Al Etihad offers you the opportunity to delicately request your money through its “payment Request “ feature , with simple steps while saving you the need to share the details of your account with anyone.

Get your money back with a few clicks!

1. From the main screen, Tap Payment
A list with several options will appear.

2. Select Request Payment from the list

You will be directly transferred to the payment request screen where you can find a list of your Bank al Etihad accounts.

3. Select the account on which you want to receive your payment.
You will then be directed again to another screen to fill in payment details.

4. Enter the amount you want to request along and tap on Create Payment Request

You can include a short message if you wish to, before tapping. Upon completing this, the process of electronically sending the payment request would be successfully completed.You will then be directed to a final screen through which you can share the payment request on social media channels.

5. Share your payment request link with your contacts or any of your social media platforms

By simply copying the link and resending it to one or more of your contacts or tapping on the share button and sharing it through social media.