Infinite Credit Card

Infinite Credit Card
Infinite Credit Card
Live your best life 

Enter a world of endless perks with our Infinite credit card.

Take your travels to the next level

Unlimited access to over 1,200 airport lounges* for you and a guest, round the clock concierge services powered by Visa, with exclusive travel and entertainment offers.

*Only valid if you spend at least 1 USD in the country you’re visiting.

Easy Payment Plans

Turn almost any purchase into instalments with 0% interest, like a new phone or your next TV, or any of life’s surprise expenses.

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Discounts from favourite brands

Get the best deals and discounts when you shop with your credit card.

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Effortless cashback

Every time you spend with your card, you earn up to 3% cashback. Simple as that! 

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How credit card repayments work

When applying for a card, you can pick your repayment plan. You can opt to pay 100% of the card’s outstanding balance at the end of the cycle or 4% of its balance. If you pay 4%, the remaining amount will be subject to 1.75% monthly interest.

  • Minimum monthly salary: 2,400 JOD
Additional fees:
  • Exceeding your credit limit: 15 JOD
  • Missing payments: 20 JOD
  • Postponing a payment: 10 JOD
  • Card loss or damage replacement:  10 JOD
  • Foreign cash withdrawal fee: 4% minimum equivalent to 3 JOD
  • Annual fee: Free for the first year. Second year onwards: 100 JOD.
    Spending a yearly minimum of 7,000 JOD on purchases using your infinite card will automatically remove the annual fee.
  • Supplementary card fee: Free for the first year, renewing for a second year onward: 50 JOD. Spending a yearly minimum of 3,500 JOD on your supplementary will automatically remove the annual fee.

It is important to understand how your Bank al Etihad credit card works so, please make sure you read the Terms & Conditions before you apply or get in touch to know more.

To apply, you’ll need:
To apply, you’ll need:A current national ID or passport
To apply, you’ll need:A recent salary slip, letter of employment or a copy your employment contract
To apply, you’ll need:A 6-month statement of your bank account
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