Signature Credit Card

Signature Credit Card
Signature Credit Card

For the admirers of the finer things in life, the signature credit card is the companion for self-indulging, travel and daily spending. If you’re looking for luxury perks, payment plans and higher spending limits this card deserves a slot in your wallet.

Great for:
  • Up to 12 visits at worldwide airport lounges worldwide after spending a minimum of 1 USD on your credit card
  • 1.75% monthly interest rate
  • Easy payment plans with 0% interest rate up to 36 months
  • 0% interest rate for the first 6 months when you transfer your outstanding credit balance from other banks
  • Premium 24-hour concierge service powered by Visa
  • Extended warranty on purchases to protect any lost or stolen purchased goods
  • Exclusive offers for worldwide luxury travel and entertainment
  • Minimum monthly salary of 1,700 JOD
How is my credit card limit determined?

The Signature credit card has a maximum spending limit of 60,000 JOD and a minimum spending limit of 5,000 JOD which is determined based on your income, credit and repayment history.

Managing your credit card

Take control of your finances and credit by managing your credit card using the Bank al Etihad mobile app, where you can settle monthly payments, freeze your card, analyse and categorise your spending.  You can also enable your card for online purchases and set a daily spending limit.

Additional fees:
  • Exceeding your credit limit: 15 JOD
  • Missing payments: 20 JOD
  • Postponing a payment: 15 JOD
  • Card loss or damage replacement: 10 JOD
  • Foreign cash withdrawal fee: 4% minimum equivalent to JOD 3
  • Annual fee: Free for the first year. Second year onwards: 70 JOD
    Spending a yearly minimum of 5,000 JOD on your signature card will automatically remove the annual fee.
  • Supplementary card fee: Free for the first year, renewing for a second year onwards: 35 JOD. Spending a yearly minimum of 2,500 JOD on your supplementary card will automatically remove the annual fee.

It is important to understand how your Bank al Etihad credit card works so, please make sure you read the Terms & Conditions before you apply or get in touch to know more.

Etihad Ultimate Rewards

By making local and international purchases using your Signature credit card, you can collect rewards and redeem them on merchandise, flights, hotel stays, gift cards, get cash back and even donate to charities.

  • 1 Etihad Ultimate Reward = 1.25 JOD for local purchases
  • 1 Etihad Ultimate Reward = 1.50 JOD for international purchases
How do credit card repayments work?

Clear your payments early and pay less interest. When you settle your credit card payments in full by the 28th of every month you will save yourself the 1.75% interest rate charged. If you’re looking for more flexibility, check out our easy payment plans which allow you to pay for you purchases in installments at zero interest rate.

To apply, you’ll need:
To apply, you’ll need:A current national ID or passport
To apply, you’ll need:A recent salary slip, letter of employment, or your employment contract
To apply, you’ll need:An account statement for the last 6 months
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