A Personal Loan with your Children's Future in Mind

A Personal Loan with your Children's Future in Mind
11 September 2023

Turning your children's educational dreams into reality is now within reach through our personal loan. Apply today and get an additional educational loan worth 15% of your original loan amount at 0% interest to shape a more promising future for your children by covering their school and university tuition fees.

What you get: 

  • 0% interest on the additional loan.
  • Up to 18 months to repay the additional loan.
  • Up to 8 years to repay the personal loan.
  • Potential annual renewal of the additional loan upon repayment while maintaining the original personal loan.

Terms and conditions: 

  • This offer is valid until December 31, 2023.
  • This offer is available to new customers applying for personal loans and existing customers refinancing personal loans from other banks.
  • The additional loan is not applicable to existing personal loans from Bank al Etihad.
  • Students must be under the age of 25 to qualify.
  • You must provide us with your family book to qualify for the 0% interest additional loan.
  • The commission rate is 1%, deducted once at the beginning of the loan.
  • You should be between 21-65 years old, with a maximum age of 75 at the final installment.
  • The minimum net income required is 800 JOD.
  • The minimum financing amount for the main personal loan is 10,000 JD.
  • Canceling the reward for existing personal loans if the customer is granted a personal loan for the purpose of covering educational expenses.

Interest rates:

  • For salaries ranging from 800-2,000 JOD: 8.25% decreasing.
  • For salaries over 2,000 JOD: 7.99% decreasing.

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