Discounts on prostate cancer tests

8 November 2022
8 November 2022

For Prostate cancer awareness month, we partnered with select laboratories to give you discounts on specific tests during November to keep your health in check!

Put your mind at ease and pay with your Bank al Etihad debit or credit card to get up to a 45% discount! Invest in your health because it is your most precious asset.

Partners and offer details:


Up to 45% off the following tests:

  • PSA Total and Free
  • HbA1c
  • Total and Free Testosterone
  • Lipid Profile

Arab American radiology & diagnostic center

  • 30 % discount on all scans using any of our cards


  • 30 % discount on all lab using any of our cards

Bio Scan

  • 20% discount on all scans using any of our cards
  • 25% discount on all scans when paying with an Infinite or Signature card

Terms & Conditions:

1- These discounts are valid from 1/11/2022 – 30/11/2022
2- Only Bank al Etihad customers who pay using any of our cards (debit, credit and prepaid) are eligible for the discount
3- Customers need to ask the lab for the discount before paying
4- Discounts are given instantly at the point of purchase
5- Discounts are not valid with other promotions by the lab

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